Digital Storytelling Power Point

Creating a digital Storybook I was fortunate to present at the Native Innovations Technology Conference on June 22 & 23rd this year.  I presented on basic and advanced versions of Creating Authentic Digital Storybooks.  Here is my powerpoint if you are interested in going over the slides I presented.  Please contact me if you haveContinue Reading “Digital Storytelling Power Point”


My Ch’iyáán digital storybook

Copy and paste the address into your web browser to view the digital storybook! I create storybooks with my students and have moved more towards digital storybook development.  My students really enjoy this which I feel focuses on creativity, self-confidence building, Navajo language usage, and so on!



Tsiiyéél means hair bun.  Hair bun style for Navajo ladies and girls.  Today very few females put their hair in this style only if they are going to participate in a cultural event or ceremony.  Many of our elders still practice this but it has become seldom seeing this lifestyle practice.  It is called tsiiyéél.Continue Reading “Tsiiyéél”